Tree of Desire

Wandering and walking through life, Ismène listens to the wishes of people around her. Sometimes in silence, sometimes spoken out loud. She also sees these lovely people cry, laugh and emotionally take on their challenges in many different ways. They confide in the “Tree of Desire” (Ismène), telling about their attempts to build their nests of love and care, through rain and sunshine. This inspires Ismène to sing songs, write poetry and work her magic quill for these earthly spirit, whom have lost the ability to see the beauty of their own life story. 
“Tree of Desire” is a show production in which Ismène gently guides her audience to their silent or unspoken longings, wishes, dreams and desire. Everybody; young, old, rich or poor has something, some one, somewhere of which they dream, wish or long for. Ismène will adress these longings in her performance by singing songs and telling short stories and poetry at her own unique discretion.
Her songs tell about love, fortune, sorrow, loneliness, happiness, feeling powerless or amazed and so much more. Choose your favorite colour and who knows, maybe Ismène will sing – especcially for you – a song you love…or maybe, you’ll be happily surprised by a song you haven’t heard before?! But one thing’s for sure; it will be an experience you are not likely to forget!