August 2015

2015 SOLAR WEEKEND FESTIVAL: Tree of Longing.

We were granted a beautiful Solar Weeknd Festival at the Maasplassen in Roermond, where Ismène performed in “La Bonbonnière”, a mobile theatrebus. The enthousiasm of her audience, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear, from absolute silence to loud singing, proved “Tree of Longing” to be perfect for young and old to share and discuss their longings with one another. Cultural Workshop Zeezicht in Heerlen – also the owners of the theatrebus -, gave Ismène the status of “La Reine de La Bonbonnière”, a title she will proudly bare. The show was well recieved and especially the songs written by Ismène herself, were admired and easily sung allong with. The bus travelled through Solarland and many came asking…who that singer on the bus was.

Ismène is musically accompanied by Rik Verlinden on piano and has the cheery bunch Maxim Janzen en Kevin Ballij to act as ‘collectors of longings’ and to instruct the audience in how to join the “Tree of Longing”

Another hit, was the dress especcially designed and made for Ismène by Fashion Artist Agnes van Dijk. Many wondered about how the dress was made and concieved. More than a few request to hire this art piece as a weddingdress were made. Unfortunalety we had to deny those requests. But speaking of weddings; Ismène also did a spontaneous performance at the first official wedding celebrated at Solar Weekend Festival, including Babs. The song “Zo puur kan liefde zijn”, a dutch version by Paul de Leeuw of the original know as “To make you feel my love” by Bob Dylan, touched the hearts of the bride and groom, but also struck a sensitive cord amongst the crew, Marcel Mingers – Mayor of Solar – and Solar’s Creative Director Cindy Pielstroom.

Ismène: I would like to thank everybody who worked with me and gave me the opportunity to shine. There are too many of you to adress by name and I wouldn’t want to forget or skip any of the wonderful volunteers. Ofcourse many thanks to my audience for remembering me and coming back for more! It has been a dream come true for me, starting with that small stage at Solar, to being baptized as “La Reine de La Bonbonnière”. All in which my audience has given me warmth, enhousiasm, grace and confidence to trust and share with me their heart’s longings. 
Gracefully yours,

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