Ismène has definitely earned her musical status. Working nationally as well as internationally with artist like: Karin Bloemen, Lee Towers, Marco Borsato, Christopher Cross, The Platters, Royce Rose and many more. Ismène graduated from the Hilversum Academy for Light Music, under the supervision of the late Mr. John de Mol Sr. and was, among others, tutored by Dutch Edison Jazz singer Lisa Boray. With this, her love for musical and theatre-art grew strong.
Ismène recently performed at the illustrious North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam and made a big impression during the Solar Weekend Festival, while performing at the Theatre Area. Due to these successes, she was invited to perform her Dutch version of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, during a TEDx convention at the beautiful Vrijthof Theatre in Maastricht.
Nothing is impossible for Ismène. Accompanied by solely a pianist or gitarist or performing with Big Band. This upcoming year, many a challenges lay ahead, varying from Jazz & Theatre performances to acts at Festivals. The latter gets her as close to her audience as it gets!
“Tree of Longing”, a Musical Theatre Production in association with IssyProductions and others, will première in the theatre season of 2016/2017.